Psychologists are experts in non drug approaches to mental health and well being and are trained to use a wide range of assessment and therapeutic strategies.  The reason for referral will determine the content of sessions, which may include discussion, testing and behavioral tasks, or other relevant activities.  Individuals will sometimes be asked to do assignments between visits, and family may also be involved in sessions.


Typically clients are seen for between 4-12 sessions, because of the effectiveness of short-term treatment.  Occasionally a single session will be sufficient to provide individuals with appropriate and useful information.  Sometimes long-term treatment is required, but this would be discussed in consultation with your psychologist.


Psychologists use professional listening skills, therapeutic dialogue and expert insight to explore solutions with clients. We offer a range of psychological and counseling services including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psycho dynamic psychotherapy, schema focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), solution focused therapy,  and interpersonal therapy to name a few.