“Anxiety and depression can strike anyone, anywhere at anytime”


What to expect when seeing a QPC Psychologist


Each session with your psychologist is scheduled for 50 minutes.  Many people feel anxious when they first go to see a psychologist.  Some people may have spent weeks, months, or years thinking about visiting a psychologist before they actually go ahead and make an appointment.  Our psychologists are very aware of how anxiety provoking it can be to talk to a stranger and open up about things that we may have tried to hide from others for a long period of time.  Because of this, our psychologists are trained to help you to feel relaxed and comfortable and allay your anxieties by being warm, friendly and understanding.  They are not there to judge you but to understand and work with you to find ways to best help you and your current circumstances.


The first session usually involves the psychologist taking the time to get to know you and learning about the issues that brought you to the session.  They will often ask lots of questions to get a better understanding, but will also follow your lead as to the pace you would like your sessions to go.  The psychologist will also begin to formulate, with you, a treatment plan aimed at addressing your particular issues and concerns.


To get the best out of the therapy process, the following guidelines are useful:


•           Aim to attend every scheduled session


•           Be prepared to share you thoughts and feelings openly with the psychologist


•           Complete any homework tasks set by the psychologist


•           Discuss any doubts or concerns you have with the psychologist