Everyday problems such as work stress, relationship troubles, concerns over children, feelings of anxiety, depression, self esteem, weight control or problems with substance use can seriously affect your life.  Addressing these matters is vital to enjoying life and experiencing good relationships.  Psychologists can help with these situations and equip people with the skills needed to function better, feel happier, prevent future problems and live a fulfilled life.




Common Reasons to see a Psychologist include;


ü  Depression


ü  Anxiety, fears, phobias and panic attacks


ü  Marital, family and relationship issues


ü  Drug and alcohol problems


ü  Gambling and addictions


ü  Anger management


ü  Stress management


ü  Child behavioral problems


ü  Child Anxiety disorders


ü  Bullying and harassment


ü  Grief and loss issues


ü  Shyness and confidence issues


ü  Relaxation training


ü  Personal Growth


ü  Self-esteem


ü  To enhance our parenting skills


ü  To make good relationships better


ü  To learn ways to maintain a healthy work and family balance


ü  To manage painful emotions


ü  To set personal boundaries and act assertively


ü  To resolve troubled relationships and enrich existing ones


ü  To develop valued long-term relationships


ü  Recognize unhelpful patterns that we may be repeating


ü  To learn to let go of old fears and enjoy the moment


ü  Learn effective ways to deal with conflict and disagreements


ü  Manage life transitions


ü  Manage procrastination and learn how to achieve our goals